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The Luxury Brand Sales Rep team at Lease A Sales Rep serves as an extension of your company in the U.S. Our sales reps have extensive experience in high-end retail sales with customer facing skills that allow for customer engagement, relationship building and the identification of needs in order to provide the best product or service to the luxury buyer. Many of our team members have formal sales training in luxury sales and know how to communicate with a demanding and knowledgeable client base.

We define luxury sales as those items that consumer’s buy that have marketplace recognition as higher end items, with a higher price tag and associated reputation for quality. Products and services that fall into these areas are high-end jewelry, watches, clothing, luxury automobiles, jets, yachts, vacation destinations, restaurants and real estate.

Our luxury sales reps do not pressure or persuade people to buy; our luxury sales reps act as an advisor, and a expert product consultant who acts purely on behalf of the client. It’s also about a mindset, establishing a person-to person relationship as opposed to a salesperson-to-customer relationship. In that conversation with a luxury buyer, we are evaluating the customer and the likelihood for a sale and move the customer on a decision making path to buy the product or service or move on.

Selling luxury has always been about selling outstanding craftsmanship, design innovation, exclusivity and experiences. In addition, to history and value which in turn translates to appealing to the buyer’s emotions.

We help business and brands sell more with our sales teams by attending trade shows, conferences, retail extravaganzas (typically over 3 days), product launch events and grand openings. We also perform follow-up functions associated with your interactions with these customers.

If your business is US based or overseas, and you need representation in the U.S. we can help. If your brand needs coverage at trade shows or events, we can help. If you need help in attending a trade show and need some high-powered luxury sales closer’s, call us. We can help you with trade show set up and be at the conference and cover your booth to help you sell more. Let us do your follow-up!