When reviewing the marketing to sales process, we all tend to target those expensive outside sales resources and think about how we can help them become more effective. But don’t forget the inside sales teams and/or telesales groups. These folks can be instrumental when it comes to services like B2B appointment setting and lead generation.

Lead technology and process can help make inside sales teams significantly more effective and efficient. For instance, do your inside sales reps know when to call a prospect? This is critical in ensuring the success of any B2B appointment setting campaign. If you sell multiple products and services how do they know what to talk about in their outbound call? A clear, concise message will improve the close rate when focused on B2B appointment setting. How warm is that lead – are they expecting a call? Lead generation services can’t be successful without tailoring the message to the intended recipient.

Lead management and marketing automation can help your inside sales team become significantly more productive. For example, our B2B appointment setting, tele-sales staff use automation to its fullest. Call tracking, follow-up reminders, and email are great ways to stay on top of the rising tide. There are a number of ways that marketing automation can bring intelligence to the inside sales rep so their calls will be more effective and the outcome of the B2B appointment setting campaign is a resounding success. For example, every time a prospect engages with your company digitally, their behavior should automatically be stored in a database. It will show not only what product and services the lead looked at but will also give you an idea of the day and time. So, now an inside rep will not only see what products and services the lead is interested in (and which they are not), but they will also see over time when that lead is available and looking at your site. Maybe this correlates to a great time of day to make an outbound call to prospects? We use data like this to setup our call schedules when performing B2B appointment setting calls.

b2b appointment settingAdditionally marketing automation can warm up a lead so that when a call is made there is potential for brand recognition. So only after the lead has engaged with your nurturing campaign (via a click) or after 3 or so nurturing emails have been delivered, the inside sales team makes a call. The lead could be warmer and therefore might be more apt to stay on the line or engage with the sales rep. Of course if the lead has already clicked on a topic in a nurturing email, the inside rep can start with that topic as part of the opening pitch.

There’s no question, marketing automation can significantly enhance the productivity of your inside sales reps and make a B2B appointment setting campaign much easier.

If we can be of assistance to your inside sales teams, or field sales force, give us a call.

Gilbert Pagan
Lease a Sales Rep