Many enterprise level acquisitions in 2018 were strategic buys

Many enterprise level acquisitions in 2018 were strategic buys. Strategic buyers are interested in a company’s fit into their own long-term business plans. Their interest in acquiring a company may include vertical expansion (toward the customer or supplier), horizontal expansion (into new geographic markets or product lines), eliminating competition, or enhancing some of its own key weaknesses (technology, marketing, distribution, research and development, etc.).
Great article here by Ron Miller @ron_miller on some 2018 enterprise level acquisitions:
10 Enterprise M&A Deals in 2018- Over 87 Billion Dollars
Strategic buyers are often willing and able to pay more for a company than financial buyers. There are two main reasons for this. First, strategic buyers may be able to realize synergistic benefits almost immediately due to economies of scale that may exist through the combined purchasing power of the new entity and the elimination of duplicate functions. The better the fit (i.e., the more realizable the synergies are), the more they will want the business and the greater the premium they will pay. Second, strategic buyers are generally larger companies with better access to capital. They often have another currency available to them in the form of stock. Strategic buyers often offer stock, cash, or a combination of the two in payment of the purchase price.

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In comparison, financial Buyer can generally be classified as investors interested in the return they can achieve by buying a business. They are interested in the cash flow generated by a business and the future exit opportunities from the business. They are typically individuals or companies with money to invest, and who are willing to look at many different types of businesses or industries. Their goals may include growing cash flow through revenue enhancement, expense reductions, or creating economies of scale by acquiring other similar companies. Their exit plans may include an IPO (initial public offering), where the business is “taken public” (hopefully at a higher multiple of earnings than paid at acquisitions), or selling the company at a future date.
It looks like 2019 will be another year of major acquisitions by companies in the tech space. Need help is getting more clients or guaranteed appointments?

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