contract sales forceWhen discussing your services with a prospect that is interested, always get them to the next step. Our contract sales force is always looking to move things forward. Whether that is another telemarketing call, or face 2 face meeting (that’s the goal of our appointment setting services), or agreed upon email conversation, make sure you place a date and time on it. The purpose is to move them forward, or for you to move on.

We get it. It’s frightening to push a lead to close. What if they just leave or go away? What if I’m not ready? You have to remove the obstacles, and sometimes that’s you, when it comes time to close the sale. If you’ve met multiple times, know what the clients wants and how to price it, and are ready to deliver; why wait any longer? Sure, there’s good reason to wait, but understand you’re sacrificing your company’s growth.

We teach our contract sales force to know when the time is right. Whether we’re delivering telemarketing, B2B appointment setting, or outside sales services; we know when to act. You should too. It will take practice and some lost sales. But the end result will be a salesperson that knows exactly when to pounce. Trust me, when you get this right your business will flourish.

For more information, keep reading through our blog. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, like our contract sales force, all you have to do is ask. Fill out the contact form, and we’ll be in touch right away. After all, it would be bad if we didn’t practice what we preach, right? Have a great day and let’s close those sales.

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Gil Pagan