You want the Truth? You can’t Handle the TRUTH! | Telemarketing Tricks and Tips

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You want the Truth? You can't Handle the TRUTH! | Telemarketing Tricks and Tips

Sales is a tough game. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone has the skill set. Not everyone can grind through the all day telemarketing sessions. Can sales be taught or is it innate?

I believe that sales and telemarketing skills can be taught, BUT, and the big BUT, is that a certain level of skills need to be present. 

> Confidence

> Great Communication skills

> A bit of arrogance, just a bit that is connected to confidence

> Persistence and you don’t care much about rejection and what others think

If you are missing some of these, sales will be a challenge. You want the truth, you can’t handle the TRUTH!

Deep down you know you want us on the phone, telemarketing for you. You want our contract sales force in the field for you, you want us closing the sale for you. You want us generating more leads.

Deep down you need us to do it for you. You want us doing it for YOU! If not then pick up the phone and Man-Up! Or Lady-UP and make a call, do a drive by, motion creates emotion!

Or just pick up that heavy phone that feels like a brick, and call us!

1. If you have a list of thousands of potential customers, call us!

2. If you have a list of prospects that you could not close, call us!

3. If you are up at night, got anxiety, fever, chills call us! I will get you some medication.

4. If you need someone to follow up on your trade show leads, call us!

You want the TRUTH! You just got IT. Now handle IT!

Call us right now.

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