The Nursery and Daycare Center is CLOSED

sales outsourcing companiesHow many times have you spoken to clients and prospects and have told them what they need to do in order to accomplish whatever goal they want to attain?

Whether that is how to make cold calls, get qualified leads, set qualified appointments or develop a strategic plan.

They hear you talk, they ask questions, but don’t actually listen. Then they come back with the same problems again. Then you ask: Did you implement what I suggested to you?

 Response: NO.

 Makes you want to slap them. Yes, I said it.

So you spent all that time, energy & resources to instruct, lead and direct them, but they did SQUAT! It makes you wonder why some people hire sales outsourcing companies?

It does not matter whether they paid you or not, in our opinion. The time you spent is gone. You are older now. So are they.

It’s like taking care of a child that needs a diaper change, in the nursery phase of life. At some point the child learns to control bodily functions and can go to daycare. This is not about whether they can go to daycare in diapers, ok.  

At the same time when they get to daycare they are walking & learning to run. Many times you have to re-instruct them. This is expected for babies, not business people. Some people are still thumb-suckers.

At some point you need to tell clients and prospects that the nursery and daycare center is closed. You want to deposit your skills into people that will do something with it and grow. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, which you will not get back. Money is a secondary issue.

We assume you want to make an impact, by sharing your skills with people that are HUNGRY for what you got and hold them accountable to implement it. This changes people’s lives.

The Nursery and Daycare centers are closed, time for them to get out of diapers and you need to STOP changing them. 

Time for them to eat real food.  Stop wasting your time.

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