OTT-Over the Top

If you’re a “cut the cord” person, you no longer subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV. You’re also familiar with devices like Roku, ChromeCast, Amazon FireStick. For those who are not familiar with these products, they are the devices that stream content (shows) to your TV, laptop, IPAD or mobile devices. They are the distribution method to get you the content you want to consume.

The ads you see on the streaming content (shows) is called OTT, which means over-the-top. This term comes from the ability to bypass traditional TV providers that control media distribution, giving advertisers the ability to reach their audiences directly. You work with the provider, like ROKU & HULU and get your ads placed directly with them, instead of working through a third party.

As millions continue to cut the cord and seek more control over when, where and how they consume content, this has left advertisers in the lurch as consumers have moved away from traditional cable and broadcast TV to content on demand. Advertisers now are moving to these platforms in mass to get to their audiences.

One of many questions we have; Is advertising on these platforms worth it? Consumer’s often mute commercials, don’t they? Or if watching a show on YouTube, don’t you mute the commercials? Or don’t you ignore them? Not pay attention?

We do believe if you do enough advertising on these streaming channels, you will get your message across to the audience. This does help for those building a brand and those with big ad spend dollars available. What about the small business market? Will this work for the B2C seller in a smaller market? Or B2B Service providers with national reach?

One of the selling points of OTT advertising platforms are that you can do a much better job of targeting your customer. These platforms have a lot of data on viewers, ages, locations, occupations, etc. These data points are key in getting your ad spend and message in front of your ideal customer.

This article provides a basic education and understanding of how the OTT advertising market works. It may or may not be an option for you, but it’s worth a look, a conversation and an assessment to determine that.

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