Is Outsourcing the Right Answer?

outsourcing appointment setting services

Many business owners question whether or not outsourcing sales and appointment setting services is the right answer for their company. The answer really depends on the future goals of your business. Are you experiencing significant growth? Are you looking to grow your business? Either scenario can leave you and your employees stretched thin. When too few people try to cover too many tasks something ends up suffering. So what do you do? Scrimp on sales? Forgo some aspects of customer service? Of course not! You can’t shortchange any aspect of your business if you intend to maintain your competitive advantage. If your company is just beginning to enter the growth cycle you aren't likely to have unlimited funds either. You can’t go on a hiring frenzy. Not only can you not afford to pay a bunch of extra people, you probably wouldn't have time to train them even if you could cover their salaries. If any of this has you nodding your head in understanding, outsourcing could be the answer for you.

What makes outsourcing so great?

Outsourcing allows you to get the help you need, when you need it, at a cost that you can afford. Lease A Sales Rep offers short term contracts for as few as four months. All contracts are fully customizable. There is no “one size fits all” plan for outsourcing. You choose which aspects of your sales cycle you need the most help with no matter if it's appointment setting services, or closing the deal, Lease A Sales Rep can help. We also offer help with lead generation, appointment setting, telesales, inside sales, outside sales, trade show lead follow up, inbound call center, and services Espanol. You decide which areas you’d like to outsource and which ones you’d rather keep inhouse. The best part is that partnering with a company like Lease A Sales Rep, that has a reputation for proven success, relieves a lot of the stress associated with outsourcing. Many business owners are concerned about the inherent difficulties associated with managing a team of temporary employees. Lease A Sales Rep handles those aspects for you, taking the headache out of having outside sales reps on the payroll.

Can I outsource just one project?

Outsourcing any aspect of your business can be nerve wracking. You are trusting outsiders to sell your business. Sometimes outsourcing a single, specific project can be a great way to try out the process with a lower level of commitment. For example, say your team has just returned from a trade show with a bunch of leads. You could put your best people on lead follow up but they would like spend a lot of time touching base with people that just stopped by your booth for the free swag you were handing out. Back when you were just starting out they may have had the time needed to chase every potential lead, but now that business is picking up you can’t afford to waste a single minute. You need your best people closing deals with customers who are interested in your business. Outsourcing your trade show lead follow up allows you to still identify the potential customers that you met at the show without sacrificing the other sales calls that your team could be making. It’s really a win for everyone.

Appointment Setting Services And Outsourcing Needs

Other companies choose to outsource follow up calls to secure reorders from existing customers, while other prefer to outsource appointment setting services; whatever your needs are, whatever aspect it makes the most sense for you to outsource, Lease A Sales Rep can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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