Put them in a Box

man-in-boxPut them in a box you say?

You can look at this statement in 2 ways.

a. Either you commit to the next step (mr. prospect) in the sales process or I will close out this conversation. Putting them in the box/casket is classified as dead and moving on.

b. Put them in a box to make a decision.

Quite often when you encounter what we call tire kickers, information gatherers or those that don’t have the authority to make decisions, they tend not to want to commit to a timeline or next steps.

The best way to deal with this is to share some quick information on your product or service, if appropriate share pricing, then ask what the next step is.

Get them in a “box” and don’t let them out. If they hem and haw and are trying to wiggle out of a commitment, that means they are not serious, are tire kickers, or have no power.

Then “YOU” need to make a decision. You may have to place them in a box/casket and move on. Of course, you are being cordial in your conversations with the prospect. You then place them on an email drip campaign, lead generation follow-up program, call every few months using your inside sales teams, etc. You know the drill.

But you made a decision to put them in a box and move on to next steps, whatever that may mean for you.

Need help in getting prospects to make decisions? Give us a call. We will get 60% to buy and 40% to go in a box using our sales outsourcing services.

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