Reality Check-Not enough Prospects-Sales Targets are Missed

Lead Generation and reality checks
The reality is, if you don't have enough prospects, you'll never meet your sales goals.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you. I hope you take a 5 minute break and read the following.

The New Year is few weeks away and already the anxiety and excitement is building. As many seek refuge from the negativity of the media, others look ahead to new beginnings. The economy has gotten better, but many still feel nervous. Selling professionals and management will need to be even more efficient and more productive next year. Here are some of the areas that will be affected:

Lead Generation: The issue of lead generation has increased in the last two years. Technology has helped gather leads but the conversion factor has not increased. Selling professionals and marketing departments must collaborate for better target market optimization. Simply put, leads must be converted and there will be increased attention to close more business.

Customer Service: As reported many times by Lease A Sales Rep ’Sales Tips’, 45 percent of every client interaction involves customer service. Research has illustrated that customer service has decreased in many organizations. Since customer-to-customer influences have become vital to success, it is increasingly important that selling professionals focus more on their most vital asset- the client.

Better Hiring: The days of placing cheeks in seats to fill a void are gone. Sales managers must find talent that will become immediately productive. The use of targeted sales recruitment programs and the discovery of proper talent will be an imperative focus for sales management. More pressure will be placed on finding the right people in the right positions to help increase margins.

Preparation: The last five years have provided significant tools and technology to sales professionals. From CRM systems to better search methodology in Google, selling professionals are more prepared then ever. Or are they? Customers have access to as much information as their sales professional. It is vital that all sellers be prepared for EVERY client interaction. Reading annual reports, watching the news and having a prepared list of value questions will aid every call. Sales people must have more information than their client.

Value: We are in a knowledge economy. Selling professionals must stop providing information to clients and provide value. Selling professionals must convert the information they have into knowledge that the client can immediately use to be more competitive, innovative, etc.

Process: 92 percent of selling professionals (and this includes entrepreneurs) do not have a process to build relationships and close business. 2011 will be the year of increased productivity, it is necessary for sellers to gain the knowledge necessary to build trust and close business more efficiently. Sales professionals must be better prepared and better educated. The days of “anyone can sell” ended years ago.

Training: Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom for 8 hours expecting a return on investment. Managers and business professionals do not have the time and, frankly, event based training sometimes fails. Selling is a process; therefore sales training will alter to a more succinct process oriented approach. Secondly, with the movement of selling as a profession, companies will remove themselves from education and desire that individuals take ownership of their profession.

If you are facing challanges with your sales process, generating leads, recruiting the right people, dislike doing sales for your business; Or are just plain tired and emotionally drained from having to go out into the marketplace to get business, give us a call. Leave the execution up to us, and relax.

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