Sales…100% Art? No Science??

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Leverage best practices to increase sales productivity..

Expert sales outsourcing companies use a combo of art and science!

It seems like a simple concept: figure out why your top performers are succeeding and share that information with the rest of the team.

Unfortunately, this just isn't the case with most sales organizations. a 2008 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study revealed that less than half of C-suite executives, and 26 percent of sales representatives know why their top performers are successful. According to Miller Heiman, most organizations just haven't put a lot of thought into analyzing the sales process. Like many of us, they follow the myth that great sales performance is 100 percent art and no science. How do we get them to spill the beans?

Convincing top performers to share their strategies is a challenge because in a competitive environment, most are reluctant to reveal their coveted secrets. So how do we get them to spill the beans? One idea is to reward your top performers with increased responsibility and decision-making authority. Top performers are more likely to share if it is part of their job responsibility and they are being compensated for taking this role. These types of roles demand respect and come with a great sense of accomplishment for your sales superstars.

Another possible incentive is to offer an award for exceptional performance and give your top performers a chance to shine during an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony. This tactic is beneficial to the whole team. While everybody else benefits from hearing their success strategies, your top performers have the opportunity to show off their accomplishments.

Leverage Practices, Increase Productivity

Once we figure out what our top performers are doing differently, our next step is to leverage those practices to increase the productivity of everybody else. According to our study, only 32 percent of executives and 17 percent of representatives agreed that they leverage the best practices of their top performers. Our study also revealed that Winning Sales Organizations are 110 percent more likely than other organizations to take advantage of this tremendous internal resource. One way to share the traits of your top performers is to hire employees who are similar in character.

A useful tool to make this happen is the Miller Heiman Predictive Sales Performance (PSP). PSP is a web-based assessment to help employers make hiring decisions. This assessment can be set up to benchmark your prospects against your top performers, allowing you to find candidates that share personality traits, behaviors and interests with your stars. This tool is also useful for weeding out candidates who are simply a bad fit, saving you time in your hiring processes. Another technique is to make training and development a top priority. In the sales world, it is easy to get so involved with your work that you forget about the basics. Dedicate a portion of your team's time to training initiatives and make sure everybody participates. No exceptions. Continuing efforts on team building and professional development contribute to future success.

Finally, encourage your team to take advantage of coaches. This can be within, or outside your organization. Coaches within client organizations are effective when working with a specific account, but coaches within your organization can be additionally beneficial. Encourage your top performers to take on a mentor role with their peers and make sure your team is taking advantage of this great internal resource. It is important to remind your salespeople that a win for one teammate is a win for the whole team.

If you need some guidance in these areas give us a call. We are not like other sales outsourcing companies. We don't use any smoke and mirror techniques. We use only the best contract sales force for appointment setting services, lead generation and we can even handle your trade show lead follow ups.

We hope this helps you in growing your business.

Gilbert Pagan
Lease A Sales Rep

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