Sales Conversion Funnel Tracking Apps

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Sales Conversion Funnel Tracking Apps

Sales Conversion Funnel Tracking Apps

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel refers to the process or journey which a buyer undergoes when making a purchase. It could also be seen as how an enterprise attracts, classifies, and delivers its products and services to a customer. It is called a funnel for a reason; the number of potential buyers is often large at the beginning of the process, but only a fraction of this number eventually acquires the goods or services at the end of the day. Here are the phases involved in a sales funnel

  • Awareness Phase
  • Interest Phase
  • Evaluation Phase
  • Decision Phase
  • Purchase Phase
  • Reevaluation Phase
  • Repurchase Phase

Why Do You Need Conversion Tracking Apps

In the context of this discourse, conversion refers to meaningful actions which you are able to get your site visitor to do. It does not matter what the action is, as long as it adds some value and aligns with your business objectives. Examples of conversions include: downloading online resources, contacting your business, signing up for a newsletter, or simply submitting a contact form. Sometimes even the time spent on a website counts as a conversion. For your business to continue to grow, you need to track your conversion rates. That’s where a conversion tracking app (or lead management software) comes in. Conversion tracking tools like CRM (which happens to be one of the best lead management software) enhances the tracking process and allows you to be more efficient with tracking conversions. Here’s why you need conversion tracking apps:

  • They help you increase your ROI.
  • They allow you to improve your marketing campaigns & promotions
  • You allocate your digital marketing budget better
  • They help you enhance the user experience on your site
  • They allow you to make more conversions
  • You can experiment and learn new things that help your business grow

What Are The Benefits Of Lead Management Tools?

When a potential buyer gets the information that puts them in a position to acquire a product or service, they become a lead. The thing with leads is that they have their unique rules of engagement. While some of them might convert to customers immediately they get the information; others may take their time converting. Some might not even convert after all is said and done.To get the most of your leads, you'd need to manage them effectively. But there is only so much you can do. That is why you need the right lead management system. Here are some of the benefits of having the correct lead management tools: 

  • Well-organized Lead Tracking
  • Effective Lead Nurturing
  • Proper Lead Filtering
  • Effective Automation
  • Better Insights
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Enhanced Team Management

Contact Clutch Funnels for the best sales conversion tracking apps

At Clutch Funnels, we have an unmatched dedication towards helping small business owners boost their sales and increase their bottom line. Our sales conversion tracking app is all you need to ensure there’s no leak in your funnel and give your prospective customers the best experience. Call us on (800) 217-5714 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how we can help.

Sales Conversion Funnel Tracking Apps

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Sales Conversion Funnel Tracking Apps

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