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Private equity firms, angel investors and those that provide seed capital are good candidates for our services. We have determined that “funded” venture backed companies work well with our model which allows us to validate a proof of concept, open up new vertical markets for their services/products or scale quickly to grab market share.

Our sales modeling and forecasting proves to be a valuable service within the context of our sales programs. We will project sales revenue and the number of clients to be secured over a defined period of time and guarantee results. This approach is an attractive option for well funded companies.

We enjoy working on market disrupting products/services that are priced right for the vertical industries needing the offering. We can help in determining price elasticity and market receptivity for the venture backed company.

If you are having difficulties leveraging the investments made in your company, this service is right for you. If you’re a venture-backed firm, portfolio company looking to protect your investment, or a well-funded startup; give us a call or fill out the contact form to the right.