Inside Sales

Our inside sales rep model places experienced sales staff on-site, at client locations, on a part-time or full-time basis.

These outbound telemarketing services are perfect for clients that are generating leads, making sales calls and setting on-site appointments. This allows for your sales managers to participate in the actual closing of the sale, or because proprietary information utilized to close the sale needs to remain on-site.

You supervise the sales rep's administrative functions. The supervision of the actual sales execution and results stays with Lease A Sales Rep. This portion of our outbound telemarketing services can also be managed by the client if you prefer.

Our clients really enjoy seeing Lease A Sales Rep's managers visiting their site. We want to ensure a smooth integration of our sales reps into your organization.

Being on-site allows us to integrate generated leads, appointments and sales into your operation seamlessly. This often leads to higher productivity from existing sales staff. After all, a little friendly competition among sales people is never a bad thing. The bottom line is our sales professionals, while working out of your offices, will become an integral part of your team for growing your business.

If we have a branch location in your market, we can place an inside sales person on-site within approximately (1-2) weeks.  If we do not have a branch in your market, we can place a sales rep on-site within (2-3) weeks.

If you need a sales closer, lead generator, or appointment setter, to grow revenue, give us a call and get a Top Gun producer on-site! The cost of these programs vary on what we are selling, what industry verticals we are selling into and the market.

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