Outside Sales

contract sales force

Our outside sales rep model provides a contract sales force to sell your product, or services, in the field.

We can penetrate complex markets and verticals, develop new markets or grow market share in existing markets. We can work on-site, or at one of our field offices in your market.

Our sales teams become your outside contract sales force with direct supervision by you, or by our field supervisors.

We have extensive experience in selling tangible and intangible services in multiple industries utilizing face to face meetings with prospects and decision makers. We can meet with multiple prospects in a day, fill a pipeline and be closing sales in a few months. The sales cycle will be contingent on the cost of your product or services, and competitive indicators in the market.

Our ability to determine the needs and overcome the concerns of a prospect allows our reps to close more sales, per prospect, than typical sales organizations. This is a direct result of having experienced sales people on our team.

The benefits of working with us to roll-out your outside contract sales force is speed to market, experienced teams, less overhead than hiring internally, no management on your part and you get RESULTS!!

We meet weekly with our clients, either in person, or by phone for updates and verbal progress reports. Written reports are provided monthly.

If your organization needs assistance in developing a sales strategy, we will work in partnership with you to develop your sales plan, identify the prospects for your organization, and execute the actual sales.

If you are hitting BRICK WALLS with your sales, use our outside sales teams. These programs typically require a 6 month agreement. But we have, on a case by case basis, run shorter programs for project specific work. Call us to discuss your needs, specific service/product and how we can help!


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