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Trade show sales studies have shown that up to 80% of the leads that are gathered at trade shows are not contacted, are contacted too late or are ignored. This compromises top line revenue growth.

We have seen that many companies are not equipped to capture the results they should from their trade shows. We know most companies can achieve up to 40% more qualified leads simply by contacting and attempting to qualify every trade show prospect within a few days of the show.


We’re not like other telemarketing firms, give us the raw, unqualified trade show leads so we may qualify them for you and get them into your sales pipeline.

Let your sales reps spend time closing deals. The results will be an increase in the quality of your leads, converting them to prospects and consequently, closing more sales.

Our team can talk with prospects to discover important information and perceptions on your new products and services as they are unveiled at a trade show, as well as secure additional information you need to build, update, maintain, and manage your database.

Consider the benefits:

  • Provide your sales team with qualified prospects
  • All leads reached within days, before your competition calls them
  • Increase the number of qualified prospects by 30-40 %
  • Increase sales, profits, and overall trade show ROI

We also provide trade show clients the option of using our exclusive trade show lead software. This software helps your lead generation process by letting you rank leads from hot to cold, so that your own sales team can call on the hot and warm leads, and leave the cold ones to us.

Our software will organize the data, and it can be sent to you in a data convertible form (text, csv, excel) for seamless entry into your databases or CRM.

Stop spending thousand of dollars on trade shows, and not getting closed deals. As one of the best telemarketing firms in the nation, we will call those leads, pre-qualify them, and give you prospects that are interested. We can even set up the appointment!