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When you were first starting out you may have taken a less strategic plan to making sales. In the beginning that was fine, you were just getting started and were happy to make a single sale. As your company starts to grow, you’ll need to come up with a sales plan to ensure that you stay ahead of the game and have the staff you need to keep up with the growth. If this is your first foray into the sales arena you may not even be sure where to begin. In this post, we’ll outline the steps necessary to develop a successful sales plan.

Identifying Your Prospect List From Your Target Market - You likely identified your target market when you first started your company. You know who you're targeting with your product or service, now you need to identify specific prospects within that target market. Make a list of your current top 10 customers. What do they have common? Now you can start to identify prospects that share these characteristics.

Crunching the Numbers - Once you have a list of prospects you need to count them up and divide by 2 or 3. The number you choose will depend on how often you’d like to touch base with each potential customer. Once every two to three weeks is usually a good rule of thumb. Next divide that number by the number of days that you plan to devote to sales per week. That new number is the number of sales calls that you’ll need to conduct each day. If that number seems manageable to you, great. If you are starting to feel stressed just thinking about trying to talk to that many people each week you may need to narrow down your prospects or start thinking very seriously about getting some help.

Tracking Your Progress - It’s crucial that you keep track of every interaction you have with your prospects. Not only are you trying to make sales, you’re building relationships. The more you remember about your customers, the more successful you’ll be. As you record information from each interaction you may start to see some patterns that will clue you in on how to best sell to that customer.

Sales Pipeline - As you gather information you are actually filling your sales pipeline. You will have some customers that are closer to being ready to buy than others and that’s fine. The key to successful sales is to keep people moving through the pipeline. As you get busier and busier, you’ll also be able to clearly see which customers will benefit most from your time and which ones you could probably wait to get in touch with.

Your Closing Ratio - The last step is to identify your closing ratio. Divide the number of sales you made that day by the number of calls you made that day. The fewer contacts required to make a sale, the better your ratio will be. If you need help in any of these areas, maybe our B2B appointment setting services can help you.

Top Notch B2B Appointment Setting Services

As you look at these numbers you may start to feel overwhelmed. If that’s the case you need to bring on some additional sales help if you want to continue to grow your company. Our B2B appointment setting services is a great way to get the help you need without all the hassle of hiring a full in-house sales staff. Lease A Sales Rep is the partner you need when you are ready to outsource sales activities. Lease A Sales Rep should be your first choice of partners when outsourcing your sales force. We'll help you build a direct sales operation without the capital costs and management overhead of recruiting and training in-house sales people. We provide a variety of services including lead generation, appointment setting, tele-sales, inside sales, outside sales, trade show lead follow up, inbound call center, and services Espanol. Whatever your sales force needs include, Lease A Sales Rep has got you covered. If your sales plan is telling you that you can’t do it alone, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! Don't forget to like us on Facebook by clicking here.

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