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Bone Regeneration

One of our clients was a German pharma company working in the dental space. The company at the time was called Reimser. It has changed names a few times due to being sold and acquired. They became RIEMSER Pharma GmbH, and then Esteve.

We’ll use Riemser, for the sake of simplicity. Riemser entered the U.S market with a bone regeneration product that would be sold into U.S. dental practices that perform dental implants. This bone regeneration material, looked like white flower used for baking. The purpose of this bone regeneration material was to build up the bone located within the jaw of a potential dental implant patient. Some older patient’s have lost bone in their jaws and in order for the implant to work it needs to be screwed into a strong jaw with enough bone mass to ensure a stable dental implant. You don’t want a bobble head implant in your mouth.

This white material is mixed with a patient’s blood to form a pancake type of batter that is packed in the jaw of the patient (they cut the gum line to expose the bone) seal it and then let it grow over time to regenerate bone in the jaw. It could be a few months. When the bone does grow back, the implant can be implanted.

They became our clients because we had experienced outside and inside sales reps selling into dental practices. We were not, by any means, selling this type of product beforehand. But we were selling other items. Some high speed drills, panoramic stand-up x-ray machines, tech and software, billing and marketing services are some examples of what we were selling at that time and still do.

We learned how to sell this product in a very short training, its advantages over similar products in the market and pulled in their experts when needed. We closed many sales over the phone or face to face during our work together.

We were not experts in dental pharmaceutical products. But we did know how to get to the decision maker and present the value proposition to close the sale.

Here’s the Bloomberg snapshot.

Our contract sales teams do not necessarily need to know every single aspect of your product or service to be successful. It’s not necessary. We need just enough information to be able to close the sale. We know how to get to decision makers. After we close the deal, you can execute on the delivery of your product and service. Go ahead and WOW them with your customer service and excellent products/services and create residual sales.

This client learned from us via a 6 month proof of concept program and subsequently hired internal staff. Let us do the same for you. Connect with us to discuss how we can help!

Lease A Sales Rep