Is Smart Speaker Adoption happening in Mass?



Smart speakers are one of the fastest-growing device segments in the consumer technology market today. Ownership levels have nearly doubled from 2017 to 2018.
Although many people have them, some of your friends or family members may have them as well, there are many that don’t. The consumers that don’t and who happen to be tech savvy have made a conscious decision not to add this piece of technology to their homes. Why is that?
Given all the data breaches we have had over the past few years from banks to credit card firms to hospitals there are real concerns about opening up a “pipe” i.e. the web into the most private of locations, our homes. Opening up the pipe to a device that has the capacity to “listen” to our conversations is not the most reassuring type of tech.
Sure, you can disconnect and reconnect the device when you want to use it, but doesn’t that somewhat defeat the purpose? You would want the device available at the ready to do a search for you, play music or order something online, while you are doing something else. Right? So, if you have to connect it when you want to use it, why not just use your mobile phone or laptop?
Many of the consumers that have chosen not to add this piece of technology to their homes have security concerns. The sellers of these technologies, Apple, Google & Amazon have done a great job in selling the “convenience” of this new tech, but have dropped the ball in selling the “safety” and “privacy” of this new technology. If it really does exist. Not sure about that. We have heard stories of devices being “on” and no lights were lit to indicate it was on.
Many companies are plugged into smart home devices and will come up on your device via voice command, like these here:
Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, Grubhub, Netflix & Hulu. These companies are intertwined into our lives at different access points from e-commerce to entertainment.
Business insider did a survey of 500 consumers here are some issues they uncovered:
1. Despite their growing popularity, nearly half of respondents still don't own a device — which presents a long runway for adoption. Survey data reveals a number of key factors that impact whether or not someone owns one of these devices, including income, gender, and age and security. Here’s a link to another article we wrote about Best Buy hiring sales reps to help with smart home device installations. Best Buy and Amazon Hire sales reps for the home
2. Smart speakers are establishing themselves as a key platform for e-commerce, media, and the smart home.
3. The introduction of a screen to some smart speakers will expand the possibilities for companies developing for the device — but developers will need to resist the compulsion to use speakers to accomplish too much.
Here’s a link with more info and access to a paid report:
Business Insider Smart Speaker Report
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