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A recent report by emarketer states that nearly three-quarters of respondents said they never swipe up on Snapchat ads. (Users swipe up to get more information or to go to a brand’s website) Another 68% said they never watch video ads on the platform.

In our opinion, this is an attention span issue. Stick with us for a minute.

Most SnapChat users are younger and lean towards a female demographic with a limited attention span, fueled by over indulgences in technology and seeking immediate gratification via texting, Facebook and Instagram. There are also many users who are between the ages of 12-17 that are included in the 18-24 year old breakdown, The usage breakdown by age is:
18-24 Years Old 64%
25-34 years Old 31%
35> years old 5%
It is no surprise to us that ads on SnapChat, at least today, are not getting the traction that advertisers would like. If you have kids between these ages, they are more spontaneous, emotional, unfocused and will buy a pair of jeans when they realize they need it (the jeans were becoming useless months ago), go to a store pay retail (full price) or online at a potentially higher price without a sale. They will also clean their rooms after you scream, spontaneously, get it? They have to take action due to some outside influence or impulse and realize they can't wear those jeans anymore.
If they would have seen the ad on SnapChat and saw a 20% off coupon for jeans at a local store and were “planning” to buy some when they knew they would need a pair in 2-3 months they would have bought them (or you would have). This is how older people think, but not our younger generation or millennials. This behavior turns into immediate gratification, where they will pay $60.00 for jeans, when they could have paid $30.00.
Digital marketing and ads are here to stay but for some of these demographics it may take time for them to realize it, and see the ads. Marketers need to come up with ways to engage them and convert them.
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