Sole Proprietors Need Help TOO!!

For sole proprietors, finding the time to build the firm is one of the biggest challenges.

More than a third of owners (35%) of one person firms say that the toughest part is their inability to focus on generating more business, according to a survey by Score, a non-profit group of entrepreneurial counselors and Visa USA . And 27% of the owners in the poll say that stretching themselves across multiple work roles and projects is what they find the most difficult in their nonemployee businesses.
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Of the 1000 owners polled, 52% say that with the help of an additional worker, or sales person, managing their business would become their personal priority, and will allow them to focus more on new strategies. 32% say they would also spend more time evaluating and addressing areas of their businesses that needed the most improvement, and 26% say they would take up activities they are most passionate about.

With an additional employee, 28% of sole proprietors say they would delegate their sales, because this is what they like least. Another 25% stated they would delegate operations, and only 5% stated they would use another worker to handle financial matters.

If extra help could be so useful, why not hire another employee? The large majority, 69%, say their businesses can’t afford an additional worker. But 16% say their own personality will not allow it, and 13% say that they are unwilling to share the workload of their business.

When asked if they would consider a sales outsourcing service from another company, given it was the least desirable part of their business. 62% of those polled stated they would consider it, if they knew the cost were reasonable. The remaining 38% were unsure because they did not know the option existed. Sales outsourcing services, if not part of a sole proprietor’s core business, is an efficient way to grow a small business.

Gilbert Pagan
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