Be a STUD-um.. in Sales?

Hey GilbertIf you want to close more sales you need to have a defined process in place that can help you do that.  Be a STUD. Chuck Bauer, Author of Sales Mastery is a good sales resource & suggests this model and we agree.  We put our spin on it.

When talking to potential customers use this process to help you stay focused and move the sales process along.

Be a STUD:top teams

S pecific
T ake away
U rgency
D eadline

Be specific as to what your next steps are after the initial conversation. Example, you will send a quote and you will have another meeting or call on (date & time). Get commitment.

Take Away is the assertion that we will determine together if our solution will work for you and if you can afford our solution or products. Take aways can be hard (i.e.; our product cost XX and your commitment is YY). Or it can be soft, let’s see if we can develop a special product, program or service that will fit your budget. We may be able to help you or maybe not. But have a take away.

Urgency is the buy now to get a special price approach, buy 1 get 1 free, buy now & get a shorter term etc. If they don’t buy they will lose the opportunity. They will also lose out on other benefits of the product or service offering (i.e. making them more efficient, saving time, $$$ etc.) they will lose if they don’t buy. Make it clear to them the results of inaction.

Deadline, means just that. Set a deadline for closing the sale or decision making for you and them.

This is big boy stuff.  Make it Happen.

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