Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your B2B Website

drive-traffic Businesses are always looking for ways to increase visibility and exposure for their organizations. The great news is that there are a number of ways to do this:
Social media, blogging, email marketing, and offline efforts.
However, there is one tactic that stands alone as a way to consistently drive exposure, visibility and highly targeted traffic to our B2B website, and that tactic is B2B search engine optimization. Here are some tools, tactics, and methodologies to increase your B2B search engine visibility.
4 Tips for Optimizing Your B2B Website
1. Formulate Your Goals
If you want to get anywhere, you need to develop attainable goals. When it comes to optimizing your site for search engines, you must decide what your business goals are, and develop your optimization strategy accordingly.
In the blog post, Ten Tips to The Top of Google, author Grant Simmons lays out 10 practical and actionable steps that organizations can take to elevate their search engine rank. Simmons clearly articulates the methodology for both planning and executing on a B2B search engine optimization strategy that matches your business goals. His insightful advice helps in formulating your goals, understanding your audience, and creating keyword rich content. Read this article if you are looking to implement a search engine marketing strategy for all parts of your business.
2. Understand what Search Engines are looking for
Sprinkling keywords willy nilly throughout your post will not guarantee a successful search engine experience.
Rather, as Mike Volpe (former Chief Marketing Officer at Hubspot) describes in the Shortest Tutorial Ever on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there some quick practical steps to optimize your website pages for on-page SEO. Volpe explains the key areas of the page where search engines are looking to understand the content. By adhering to this advice you can be sure that your site pages are understandable to both search engines and readers alike.
3. Use Inbound Links
While your own website is likely the primary landing spot for your prospects, you can help them get there easier by creating a breadcrumb trail with link building.
In The 8 Best Link Building Tactics to Boost Off Page SEO, Pamela Vaughan outlines strategies and tactics to build your off-page search engine rank and clear ways to build inbound links to your website. She states that off page SEO and inbound link building is the single largest factor that affects a company’s search engine rank for a particular keyword. Definitely read this post if you would like to learn some different tactical ways to optimize your B2B search engine optimization with link building.
4. Develop a Keyword Strategy
If you are using the keyword "software" to try to drive traffic, you're going to be climbing a virtual Everest. However, using the keyword "b2b point of sale software" will narrow your viewers results, positioning your brand nearer the top of search engine results. These are called long-tail keywords.
In the post, How To Do Keyword Research: A Beginner's Guide Rachel Sprung lays out a methodology to develop your keyword strategy. She advocates starting with topics that relate to your business, then creating keywords around those topics. Additionally, she suggests devising a balanced mix of both “short and long-tail keywords." Finally, Sprung recommends a few tools that marketers can use to help with keyword selection, tools like:Keyword Planner and Google Trends.
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