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Is Smart Speaker Adoption happening in Mass?

    Smart speakers are one of the fastest-growing device segments in the consumer technology market today. Ownership levels have nearly doubled from 2017 to 2018. Although many people have them, some of your friends or family members may have them as well, there are many that don’t. The consumers that don’t and who happen…
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Amazon acquires PillPack- Begins HealthCare Disruption

Amazon acquires PillPack and starts the healthcare disruption. Amazon has been considering entering the healthcare sector for quite some time particularly around employee health benefits. They made news over the past year when it was announced they were looking to enter the space via employee health benefits through a joint venture with Warren Buffet-CEO (Berkshire)…
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SnapChat Marketing

A  recent report by emarketer https://www.emarketer.com/Article/How-Do-Users-Like-Snapchat-Ads/1015564 states that nearly three-quarters of respondents said they never swipe up on Snapchat ads. (Users swipe up to get more information or to go to a brand’s website) Another 68% said they never watch video ads on the platform. In our opinion, this is an attention span issue. Stick…
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