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Top 10 Social Media Platforms Ranked by Market Share 2019

A recent study done by HitWise ranked the leading social networking platforms in the US by their market share of visits for the month of August 2019. Facebook leads the pack, followed by YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. Here's a link to an interview on The Sales Prospector Show about this subject and…
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A few opportunities wearables present to health insurers, providers, and employers

For companies that are in the wearables health and wellness industry providing programs for employers that help employees be more conscious of their health, opportunities exists for these businesses to expand via technology solutions, apps and wearables that track employees current health status.After a shaky start, wearables have gained traction in healthcare, with US consumer…
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SnapChat Marketing

A recent report by emarketer https://www.emarketer.com/Article/How-Do-Users-Like-Snapchat-Ads/1015564 states that nearly three-quarters of respondents said they never swipe up on Snapchat ads. (Users swipe up to get more information or to go to a brand’s website) Another 68% said they never watch video ads on the platform. In our opinion, this is an attention span issue. Stick…
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Business Optimism Index 2017

In this 2017 Business Optimism Report, business leaders have been polled by JP Morgan Chase. Many are optimistic. The Global Economic optimism index is trending at 30%. An increase of 20 points. On the National level business optimism is trending at 80%. An increase of 41 points. In the Local economy, that's your city or…
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