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Healthcare Chatbots and A.I.

Coronavirus has caused an upheaval in Americans' everyday lives, and these drastic changes have especially been felt in the healthcare industry. Afraid of potentially infected waiting rooms and doctors' offices, many have turned to remote services such as tele-medicine. The pandemic has also given a boost to another recent healthcare technology innovation, the chatbot. Chatbots…
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A few opportunities wearables present to health insurers, providers, and employers

For companies that are in the wearables health and wellness industry providing programs for employers that help employees be more conscious of their health,  opportunities exists for these businesses to expand via technology solutions, apps and wearables that track employees current health status.After a shaky start, wearables have gained traction in healthcare, with US consumer…
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Amazon acquires PillPack- Begins HealthCare Disruption

Amazon acquires PillPack and starts the healthcare disruption. Amazon has been considering entering the healthcare sector for quite some time particularly around employee health benefits. They made news over the past year when it was announced they were looking to enter the space via employee health benefits through a joint venture with Warren Buffet-CEO (Berkshire)…
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More Mergers in HealthCare & How it may effect vendors

We are now 7 years into the ACA and consolidation in the healthcare marketplace primarily on the provider side, is still an ongoing process. Carolinas HealthCare System and UNC Health Care are in exclusive negotiations to merge their operations. “The merger will focus on increasing access and affordability, advancing clinical-care expertise, growing the academic enterprise…
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