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A.I. artificial intelligence for lead generation

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is a hot topic of conversation this year in the lead generation, appointment setting and the sales and marketing industries focused on using this technology for faster lead conversion and the integration of A.I. into the lead generation process. A.I. for most people who know what this is, in its most…
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Opportunities in B2B & B2C Retail for marketers

In the past 6 months we have been gathering B2B marketing data, along with B2C Data using our sales reps who have been performing field visits and making outbound prospecting calls to gather ground level marketing intelligence in the retail sector. We mixed in our own data with emarketer data to verify some assumptions and…
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The Marketing industry’s obsession with Innovation!

The words 'innovation' and we'll also add 'lead generation' are so overused, and more to the point, what do they actually mean? Innovate to increase lead generation? Let’s start by saying that innovation isn’t a thing. We don’t approach our creative director asking for ‘something innovative’ and a week later expect to be served an…
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3 Tips for Trade Show Follow Up

Three tips to help you get the most out of your "event spend" through better trade show follow up. Tip #1 Trade Show Follow Up – Clean Your Data While trade show lead capture solutions have improved significantly in recent years, it is often a challenge to ensure that all the data that is important…
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