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Why You Want to Outsource Sales when Buying a Company

Sales outsourcing is a technique that’s practiced by a lot of businesses these days. Not only does it help them run their business more efficiently, but it also allows them to delegate specific tasks to experts. This, in return, allows them to save a lot of time and allocate that time to other aspects of…
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How our sales team continued working through the 2020 Corona pandemic

As many economies around the globe have slowed because of the Corona Virus, businesses are working to adapt quickly until the worst of the pandemic is over. In many industries, manufacturing, technology, healthcare and software, sales have fallen as both consumers and businesses have cut back on spending. One study found that of the businesses…
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Lease A Sales Rep Instead of Employing one

One of the many advantages of using a contract sales force, or to Lease A Sales Rep instead of employing one is your company can bring on experienced sales reps that know how to generate leads, set appointments, set demos and close sales Another advantage of using Lease A Sales Rep instead of employing one,…
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Selling is not a dirty word: How to sell without the negative stereotype

Selling is the life blood of the business environment. Here, we explore top tips to become a successful sales person within your company helping you to realize that it's not a dirty word; it’s client development. The first step towards becoming a confident sales person is to get comfortable with the idea of selling. What…
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