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Lease A Sales Rep Instead of Employing one

One of the many advantages of using a contract sales force, or to Lease A Sales Rep instead of employing one is your company can bring on experienced sales reps that know how to generate leads, set appointments, set demos and close sales Another advantage of using Lease A Sales Rep instead of employing one,…
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Selling is not a dirty word: How to sell without the negative stereotype

Selling is the life blood of the business environment. Here, we explore top tips to become a successful sales person within your company helping you to realize that it's not a dirty word; it’s client development. The first step towards becoming a confident sales person is to get comfortable with the idea of selling. What…
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Business Optimism Index 2017

In this 2017 Business Optimism Report, business leaders have been polled by JP Morgan Chase. Many are optimistic. The Global Economic optimism index is trending at 30%. An increase of 20 points. On the National level business optimism is trending at 80%. An increase of 41 points. In the Local economy, that's your city or…
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3 Tips for Trade Show Follow Up

Three tips to help you get the most out  of your "event spend" through better trade show follow up. Tip #1 Trade Show Follow Up – Clean Your Data While trade show lead capture solutions have improved significantly in recent years, it is often a challenge to ensure that all the data that is important…
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