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Business Optimism Index 2017

In this 2017 Business Optimism Report, business leaders have been polled by JP Morgan Chase. Many are optimistic. The Global Economic optimism index is trending at 30%. An increase of 20 points. On the National level business optimism is trending at 80%. An increase of 41 points. In the Local economy, that's your city or…
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3 Tips for Trade Show Follow Up

Three tips to help you get the most out  of your "event spend" through better trade show follow up. Tip #1 Trade Show Follow Up – Clean Your Data While trade show lead capture solutions have improved significantly in recent years, it is often a challenge to ensure that all the data that is important…
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5 Reasons Why sales people fail

Making a lot of money in sales isn’t easy. Not everyone can handle the pressures of the job, and many of those who give it a shot end up quickly leaving with their tail between their legs. Here are some reasons. Not Listening Being a good listener is probably the most overlooked sales skill of all.…
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Selling in the Health Care Technology Space

  The U.S. healthcare industry's ongoing transformation creates both challenges and opportunities for technology vendors. This change started in 2010 in response to changes in regulations, as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Hospitals started buying up physician practices at an accelerated rate. They began and still are forming integrated systems so they are…
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