Who is teaching this STUFF?


We are seeing a trend in the rise of "experts" teaching in areas they have not mastered themselves.

We believe in order to teach in a “business context” you should have mastery of the subject matter, but also have implemented and mastered the execution in the business environment.

We know that people have to make a living, just don’t call yourself “expert”.

Some are teaching about marketing, but they don't have leads for their own business. Others are teaching about sales, but they don't have sales people or struggle with sales themselves. How about those teaching about business growth and they are a 1 person operation? Ummm OK.

Try teaching about leadership, they don't have anyone too lead.

These are business people, teaching this stuff. Not academics in a school situation that teach for a living, which is a tad different. They teach concepts more than tactics.

How about selling IT services, but their website looks like a 5 year old put it together?

Now that’s funny.

At some point in your business, you need someone, vendors or people in your inner circle that feed you STEAK! When you 1st started your company, or landed in your current position these “experts” may have gotten away with giving you some milk, pudding or cream of wheat cereal (baby food). Because you didn’t know any better. Now you should.

But, if growth is what you are seeking (as an example) you need to be served by and fed by people who are doing it and are successful at it.

Do you want milk or steak?

We like to eat STEAK. Check their bona fides.

Back to work.

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