“Gilbert” a leader in the Sales Outsourcing industry is the founder of Lease A Sales Rep. He is responsible for determining Lease A Sales Rep’s vision, strategy, and culture, as well as major client acquisition for Lease A Sales Rep.

In 2003, Gil saw an opportunity to help businesses introduce and sell new products and services through a sales outsourcing model. It was at this time that he founded Lease A Sales Rep in the basement of his home in Staten Island, NY.

Gil took his years in hospital operations, medical staffing and education industries and developed a successful sales outsourcing model that allows companies the ability to bring services and products to market quickly, allowing for the development of market share within months not years.

Gil makes sure that Lease A Sales Rep gives back to the community through the funding of their social service arm, “The Good Seed Social Services”.

This philanthropic organization with a Christian focus serves all people regardless of religious affiliation through the provision of free meals distributed door to door, health fairs, back to school programs and holiday gifts for children and families.

Our community service to those in need is one method that furthers our mission of prospering businesses and the lives of others through the works of our hands.

An AVID watch collector, family man, and vacationer, Gil enjoys spending time with the family, reading, and hearing the good news of the impact that Lease A Sales Rep has had on the lives of thousands.