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When you're an outside sales rep doing b2b sales or trying to set b2b appointments with decision makers, or are a one-man show or part of a larger sales team, having the right technology will give you the advantage you need to produce and stay organized in the field. Tech tools for sales reps are increasing with more and more productivity tools that give the edge to sales reps to close the deal.With hundreds to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Choosing the right app can be just as important as finding the right lead and setting b2b appointments when you're always on the move. It’s because of this that we took the time to narrow down the search for you.

Listed below we will discuss four apps that will grow your skills and organize your every step.

Slack: This tool is a MUST for any sales person on the go. It allows you to communicate with potential and current clients via chat and get answers and info to them in real time. There is a free version of this software but, if you need more features you can upgrade to the standard option for about $7 a month. Or the Plus version for $12.50 per month. Both of the subscriptions are per user so it could get expensive if you have a large team. If it’s just you or you have a small team of less than 5, the free version should work well for you. Slack is available for both Android and iPhone.Hubspot Mobile Card Scanner:  This is a free app for both Android and iPhone that allows you to scan cards as you get them. It will add a photo for you, so you remember the company name and the name of the person you were meeting.

DocScan: DocScan is a free app that will allow you to scan documents that you get from clients and prospective clients while you’re on the go. No more waiting to get back to the office to do all the back end work! You can save the document in both PDF and JPEG formats. DocScan allows for easy transfer from your phone as well. As with the other two apps above, this is available for Android and iPhone users.

DocuSign: A great additional app to pair with DocScan would be DocuSign which allows you to sign documents on the go.

Dragon Speech App: The last app on our list is a paid one. Dragon will allow you to speak your notes into your phone and then transcribe them for you. Dragon Speech makes it easier than looking for a legal pad of notes after a sales meeting or losing other notes before a big meeting with a client! Talk about a game changer! You will even be able to dictate emails and text messages while you’re on the go to either your boss or colleagues. You do get a free trial, but there is a monthly charge after that of $15 a month, or $150 per year.There are a few free options, google assistant and evernote can also help with this need. The most successful sales reps are the ones who are systematic. Creating follow-ups and having them in the right place, assuring all your data is current and accurate will give you the edge to close the deal.

If you need outside sales reps with the right tools to close sales for your company, reach out to us to arrange a discovery call on our contract sales services and how we can help you.

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