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We help companies in the technology and software industries by providing experienced and accountable sales staff that can close sales, secure appointments, and arrange demos. We combine outsourced sales solutions like telemarketing services with innovative email marketing campaigns and outside sales efforts to provide the growth you need.

Many technology companies have great products or services but need sales support to establish a market presence and grow sales. We offer a whole host of solutions including: telemarketing services, inbound call center staff, outside sales reps, email marketing, appointment setting, and lead generation.

Quite often technology companies are founded by technical experts that are passionate about their products and services. Many times this passion leads to a a focus on product development while neglecting the sales plan, sales process and sales forecasting, assuming the product and/or service will sell itself. In the tech industry, there’s a tendency for companies to go “cheap” and try to find commission-only sales reps or “channel partners” to sell their services. What is often overlooked is the risk of an unfocused sales effort and poor results due to the lack of accountability with “free” sales reps. No pay, no accountability. You end up with exactly what you pay for.

We’ve worked in these spaces with numerous clients over many years. We understand the challenges that come with not understanding how to reach prospects and with your products or services. We also understand the limiting factor of time as sales skill may not be the only issue when it comes to selling your products and services. Many other challenges can come into the equation. That’s exactly why we developed programs designed to sell your products and services. We offer tactical solutions like telemarketing services, email campaigns, appointment setting, lead generation and outside sales to help you reach your target market.

We love to sell technology services and products that have a large flat fee associated with the initial sale, and a high residual, if applicable. This situation is ideal for an outsourced sales effort. However, we work with each potential customer on a case-by-case basis to ensure our services provide results.

If you are having difficulties growing your technology company, getting in front of the right prospects or closing sales this service is right for you! Give us a call to discuss your goals and how our GUARANTEED sales programs can help.