ten commandments

1. Thall shall not engage with a prospect that does not meet you
criteria. It’s just a waste of their time and yours. Your focus should be on those that need, understand and who can pay for your product or service.

2. Thall shall not make an idol out of a client and let them take advantage of you. Get many clients. not only 3 or 4 large ones. Diversify. You will feel better.

3. Thall shall not talk bad about a client. If they are not for you, get rid of them and move on. Not worth the hassle.

4. Remember to take a rest from sales work. Reflect on other things that make you happy. Do activities, other than work. Take a Sabbath. Breathe.

5. Honor those that have taught you well. Share time with them. Friends, mentors, parents. You will be a better sales person. Balance out your life.

6. Thall shall not kill the reputation of a competitor, or client. If there is a disconnect or challenge learn from it, and move on. You will be a better person.

7. Don’t serve two clients in the same industry in the same markets. Its adulterous.

8. Charge what you need to charge to make a good profit and live your lifestyle. The market will dictate how far you can go. Know your worth. Don’t worry. Be happy.

9. Do not make up false things about your competitors or clients. Not worth the hassle. Move on.

10. Ignore your competitors enough that they don’t affect you or matter. Be mindful of them, but do not be concerned about how big they are, how many clients they have etc. You will sleep better.