B2B appointment settingThe economy over the next 4 years will show growth in certain job sectors across the U.S. Here are the areas and some short analysis. If you’re interested in growing, then you need to consider using our B2B appointment setting services to reach these industries.

1. 26% Growth. Professional and Business services. These are accountants, marketing and technology businesses, consultants, attorneys, services dealing with the elderly. Business to Business and Business to consumer services. And the great thing is this includes Lease A Sales Rep and our services line including telemarketing, B2B appointment setting, and outside sales services.

2. 24% Growth. Education & Health Services. These are K-12 schools, universities, vocational schools. Many teachers are retiring. Also assisted living facilities, retirement homes, nursing homes all need help. On the health care provider side, home health aides, certified nurse assistants, nurses, PT’s, OT’s. All addressing the aging population.They will need workers.

3. 17% Growth. Leisure and Hospitality. These are hotels, restaurants, vacation destinations, entertainment venues. They all need staff. People need places to go and have fun.

4. 8% Growth. Construction. These are hotels, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, smaller homes for those downsizing. Making homes more accessible for the elderly.

5. 7% Growth. Financial. These are financial planners, retirement gurus, insurance agents for long term care insurance, life/auto/home insurance.

6. 6% Growth. Retail and Wholesale Trade. These are clothing, shoe stores, some furniture stores that sell mass quantities of items on-line and for shipping overseas. Also cheaper dollar stores.

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