The B2B Sales Process is SHIFTING-Do this and CLOSE more sales.

appointment setting services We have the benefit of being a nationwide sales company with clients in multiple verticals. In our business, our appointment setting services connect with decisions makers using various methods to arrange meetings or close sales. At times, as in any sales environment, making those connections can be difficult. One of the differentiating factors in being successful in a sales environment is persistence and being a bit pushy. Some people don’t like that, but it’s true. Top producing sales organizations, PUSH.

In a good 2 months it can take 8-12 contacts to get to a decision maker. In a more challenging time it can take 12-20 contacts. Now these contacts can be spread out over a few weeks or months, email, phone, social.

This is where the shift is occurring. It is now talking a bit more time to get to a decision maker. When you get to that decision maker, that by the way, it took you about 2 months to get too, you need to share your offering, discuss their pain points, share ball-park pricing and get them on a short sales cycle. Decision makers are overwhelmed with stimulation from all sides (email, social media, calls, meetings, demos, etc). They also need to make decisions quickly, even-though they may not realize it. They don’t have enough mind-share or bandwidth (time) to be playing ping-pong with you because you didn’t PUSH. Be straight-forward but gracious.

We are seeing B2B sales organizations push harder, to shorten the sales cycle and move the prospect down the sales channel. This is because it took you 2 months to get to them. So B2B sales reps are pushing harder because they cannot spend another 2 months trying to track someone down. They need to move on too. They have other prospects. This is where we can help with top tier appointment setting services.

On the relationship building piece of sales that many enjoy, wine, dine, schmooze, networking, it will take even longer to close sales. It is also easier to say NO if they know you better-Believe IT! The sales environment is shifting and we are now in close-em Hard, close-em FAST, close-em Often mode.

Given the influx of data into our lives from many sources, the penetrating of the veil of B2B decision makers is getting a bit more challenging, but if you get the prospect in your sales funnel, push-em down the sales channel to make a decision and close-em now! Or move on for future follow-up and forget about them till the next contact.

Prospects don’t have the time and neither do you. You have 100 other people to connect with and you can’t be dilly dallying with Joe Blow. Get him to agree to next steps, PUSH-em. Or get them the heck out of your sales funnel.

You don’t have the time and neither do they. We are actually doing this now and seeing good results. Be a Heavy Hitter. Need help getting sales? Our appointment setting services will improve your bottom line and make everyone happy.

Go and do likewise.

You're Welcome.

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