The Harmful Habit That’s Hindering Your Sales!

Tips for Telemarketing Firms | 80 Percent Syndrome

Working in a complex selling environment means that competition is high. Your sales relies on the approval of multiple decision makers.

In this environment, it is likely that customers already have a description of your products from your website or your competitors and may even have people on their team rooting for the other side. This situation presents a perfect opportunity to benefit from a well-built relationship.
Customers need assurance that you understand their needs. They want to know that you are more interested in helping them find a solution than pushing your products. Unfortunately, most salespeople do not spend enough time letting their customer talk to develop a solid relationship.

In fact, our observations as one of the top telemarketing firms tells us that on any given sales call, the salesperson talks 80 percent of the time. This leaves no time to listen. In addition, we've found that 80 percent of what we say has no relevance to our customer's needs or interest. We call this 80 Percent Syndrome.

80 Percent Syndrome can be very damaging to your business relationships. Your credibility could flounder and your opportunities could decrease significantly.

Suppose you have one hour to spend with your customer. Your time is likely broken down as follows:

• Thirty-one minutes spent telling the customer about your product or service

• Eight minutes spent on idle chat

• Nine minutes spent asking questions

• Twelve minutes spent listening to the customer talk.

When we fail to spend enough time listening, we walk away with the same amount of knowledge we had before the call, or worse, we scare our customer away.

Instead of spending the majority of the valuable time your client is investing with you talking, start your conversation by asking him questions. Give your customers time to answer. Continue to ask questions until you are certain that you understand their challenges. Good questioning helps you determine the breadth of the opportunity. You can even open doors to new opportunities. A great conversation can motivate and sustain your customer's interest, stimulate ideas and become the building blocks that form a strong relationship.

Once you have established your clients' trust, it's easier to work with them to find a solution and increase the likelihood that they will seek you again in the future. Remind yourself to stop talking and start listening.

You can always call us and we'll be happy to talk with you about establishing key business relationships. We're not like other telemarketing firms - we increase your bottom line with a number of unique services. Our contract sale force will fill your pipeline for either your closers, or ours. We can also help you with lead generation and appointment setting services.

Gilbert Pagan
Lease A Sales Rep

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