Current tech sales prospecting strategies have to take current software solutions into account in order to be successful. No matter what industry you’re in – from software to healthcare – you simply can’t underestimate the role that technology plays. If your company is interested in maximizing prospects, here are some tools you should consider using:
Automated lead scoring
Focusing your company’s resources on the most valuable leads is key to prospecting efficiency. Through lead scoring, businesses rank their prospects by way of inputting relevant data. Now, automation tools make this process more accurate. Automated lead scoring can help your company develop more precise campaign messages by setting the parameters and letting the tool do the rest.
There are a number of automated lead scoring programs available from Autopilot, Act-On, Hubspot, and others.
Route mapping and prospecting apps
A traveling sales rep has no time to waste between customer calls. But last-minute cancellations and delays can turn a road trip into a squandered opportunity. To fill that extra time, sales reps can use apps that pull up information on nearby prospects. This puts the rep at an advantage compared with others who have not yet adopted the technology.
Badger is a top choice for route mapping.
Embracing data
Developing your prospects requires targeting them with highly personalized and specific sales campaigns. One often overlooked method for doing this is using the data your company already has. Not every organization appreciates the value of data-driven sales, but it’s one way to transform your B2B selling process. Artificial intelligence, CRM technology, and other tools help businesses cut down on wasted time using inaccurate and irrelevant data.
Vainu offers a good approach to using your data more effectively.
Social selling
To reach prospects and influence their purchase decisions, you have to find them where they are. And one place where prospects hang out is social media. Social selling uses social networking sites to find prospects, develop relationships with them, and close more deals. These tools usually come with features that allow the rep to effectively analyze and use prospect behaviors.
LinkedIn is a must-have for social selling, and you can learn more about using it for prospecting here.
Seamless Sales technology
Don’t overlook any steps in the sales process. Documents need to be signed, and electronic signing tools help avoid delays. Document sharing and editing tools keep your team updated on promotions and prices. Technology can aid each step in the process and should be adopted to maximize output.
Some of the best e-signature apps can be found here. Information about Google Docs and other online document collaboration tools can be found here.
If you’re selling into or prospecting into the technology or software space, find the tools that will best help you identify your decision maker. This will save you time in getting to the right person to sell your technology or software product. The same principle applies if you are selling your technology or software solution into healthcare, banking, finance, or manufacturing.
Remember, if technology isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. Today’s sales reps simply cannot ignore technology if he or she wishes to stay on top of their prospecting.
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