Let’s keep this simple and short. Many companies who want to close more sales, want tactics to overcoming objections. We like tactics and strategy combined. We also like the rhythm and cadence of both. But tactics can get you some nice hits.
Here you go
Not Interested-I figured you would say that. Most of the prospects we speak too, we don’t work with. So you may fall into that basket. No pressure, just a conversation to determine possible fit.
To busy-That’s why I called. So I can help. When can we chat about those challenges? Does Tuesday 3pm work?
Send me info (Email/Mail)-I can do that, but it’s attached to me. So you need to take me with it and have another discussion about it. Deal? Wednesday 4pm.
Poor timing (business issues, bad time of year)-When would be a good time, timeframe? Suggest a 30 day window, if they don’t provide one. Get commitment.
I’m the Wrong person-who is then? Name, phone number, email? If they say they can’t tell you who. Say, don’t make me go through the phone tree, LinkedIn again, etc. I’m on commission (laugh).
Used a service like yours before, it did not work for us- Sorry to hear that, tell me what happened, and I will give you my insights. We still may not be a fit, but I can share my thoughts as an outsider looking in.
Were happy with our current vendor- We are happy for you! We never want to encourage a change of vendors. Would you like to see what we are charging and compare us to your current vendor to keep them honest? Or would you like to see what that vendor loyalty is costing you?
Call us to discuss getting you more middle market and enterprise clients with long contracts, for your services/products that will pay, what you charge, without negotiation. We provide GUARANTEES.
Lease A Sales Rep
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