Closing Phone Sales-6 Tips

Guy on the phone Successful phone sales require, most of the time, a 6 part process. But, the process has to work in order to achieve a successful outcome. The close – the part where you ask for the order is an important part of this. But for us, it’s ONLY part of the process. And while many people, clients and of course sales reps can get hung up around this part, there are a few things we can all do that will help you close the deal.

  1. Set out the benefits clearly

Explain clearly the benefits that the customer will get. But don’t over do it. Don’t keep selling if they seem to want to go along with it. “it comes with this, which is great because it means you get xyz …..”


  1. Listen

Obviously. Listen for buying signals. The things they say to you, the language, phrasing and tone of voice all provide alot of data. So tune-in. Make sure you listen to all of the message with all of it’s subtleties and nuances. Tune everything else out, this is important.

  1. Get buy-in

Obviously, the decision is theirs to make. So allow them ‘space’ and time to make it. If they’re going to go with you, they’ll signal their interest. You can tell if they’re interested and about to give their commitment. Just verify. Ensure that they’re happy to go along with what you’re suggesting. You WILL be able to tell most of the time. If it’s not clear, you just have to ask. “is this something you’d be interested in?” or “shall I explain how the installation/service would work then?”

  1. Ask the question

This is where you ask a hard closing question. Make it a closed question – one they can only answer with a Yes or No. Provided the previous items have been covered, and you were getting their buy-in for instance, this should be an automatic next step.

  1. Check next actions

Now check they’re ok with moving forward. This doesn’t need to be a grand statement. They might just say “OK, I understand” or “that sounds fine then.”

  1. Tie-up the loose ends

Once you’ve got their agreement, just set out what will happen next. This avoids the risk of a misunderstanding. The more complex the product or service you’re offering the more important it is to do this.

We would love to say that it’s simple. But, if you follow the plan, it should be simple. And if at this stage they push back, you’ve got to go back to questioning to find out why.

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