Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Become Successful

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Some of my clients, who are on the verge of a breakthrough, teeter between two divergent paths. One is the path of staying exactly where they are stuck in old routines, old patterns, and a life that is missing something substantial. The other path is a breakthrough into the life they really want.

I thrive on helping people make breakthroughs into more authentic power and profit- with balance. The authenticity is what connects them to their spirit. Working part-time and taking plenty of vacations is what allows for the balance. How could you afford to take vacation? The answer is easy. Hire Lease A Sales Rep as your sales outsourcing solutions provider. We'll do the hard work like telemarketing, appointment setting, and lead generation while you focus on achieving better work-life balance.

But to get there, you have to be willing to stop getting in your own way! Read on for 3 key strategies to stop sabotaging yourself.

Tip #1 – Stop listening to “others” and turn up the volume of your own authentic voice.

“Others”, who hold you back, may be a spouse, friends, a relative, even some well-intentioned coaches. And they are welcome to their opinions. They are on their own journey and it’s easy for people to confuse their journeys with yours. But don’t let that stop you! Turn down their volumes.

Trust your intuition and follow the path, and the people, that will lead you to more profit, more authentic power and more fulfillment. Time is key here. You can't do this if you don't have time. That's where our sales outsourcing solutions come into play.

Tip #2 - Understand that fear and doubt are an opportunity for a breakthrough.

You must experience fears before you have a breakthrough. It’s how you know that growth is just around the corner.

When you feel fear (or terror) in the face of an opportunity that initially feels really exciting, recognize that you have a choice- stay stuck OR take advantage of an opportunity that is on your spiritual path for growth.

Which one do you want? I can tell you that when I’ve chosen the opportunities that excited yet scared me my income sky-rocketed and my soul thrived. I've even entered into relationships with B2B inbound marketing firms to complete our sales outsourcing offerings. It's definitely scary bringing competition to the table when it comes to landing new clients. It's just a risk I had to be willing to take to grow our sales outsourcing company.

Tip #3 – Stop trying to “be perfect” and wanting to “know it all right now”.

Wanting to “be perfect” and wanting to “know it all right now” holds a LOT of people back. “Perfect” doesn’t exist, so the sooner you let that go, the better. (All successes have unexpected curves along the way). And you can’t know it ALL right now. Nobody does- ever. All brilliant businesses started with ideas, baby steps and learning along the way!

Let go of “perfection”, discard the urge to know it all right now, and invest in the right opportunity for growth. That is the path I, and other successful entrepreneurs, have taken to reach much higher profit and fulfillment- with soul and balance.

Sales Outsourcing | Get your time back!

If you need a breakthrough in your business, give us a call to discuss our sales outsourcing solutions. We will be your sledgehammer and work hard to give you your time back.

Gilbert Pagan

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