contract sales forceAll business starts with the sale. Surprising isn’t it? Businesses can’t do anything, develop products, pay people, cover overhead, if a sale is not made. Sales drive all business and the economy. That’s exactly why we spend so much time evaluating, hiring and training our contract sales force.

A sales person, sold you a car. A sales person, sold you a house. A sales agent sold you an apartment lease. Get the picture? We make it happen. We teach our contract sales force what it takes to make the sale.

A great sales person or contract sales force does not need to know the heartbeat of every product or service, but needs passion, drive and skill.

A great sales person or contract sales force makes deals happen. They hone their skills, seek more training, push themselves to the next level. A great sales person is confident, but willing to take criticism if that makes them a better player. So there is a touch of humility. They recognize their weaknesses, and work on them.

A great sales person is organized, so that leads won’t fall through the cracks. They follow-through to the close or to some type of end with the prospect.

Negativity should be rather low coming from the mouth of a great salesperson. Sometimes, we have our down days, but they should not prevent us from pushing harder, getting better, closing more tomorrow.

A great salesperson feels good at the end of the day when they feel that they did all they could that day to close business, get more leads and increase their game.

Gil Pagan
Lease A Sales Rep