Use a script, but don’t sound like a bozo.

Should I script our telemarketing?

script telemarketingYes, whether you're selling on the phone or face-to-face or online, you need to be flexible and be able to cope with things that crop up, but you should not allow them to divert you from your main flow. Telemarketing without any script is only for the most expert telemarketer. Even then telemarketing is still scripted it just happens to be in the head of the expert.

Every time you approach a prospect or customer, you should be prepared with a powerful and proven marketing script. This is especially true when telemarketing. Our outsourced tele-sales program is built around this philosophy.

It seems to be unfashionable today to talk of sales scripts even in telemarketing, but statistics overwhelmingly prove that a practiced presentation massively outperforms one that's simply delivered off the cuff. Here is one technique that continues to drive results: use a selling script. Whether you are still presenting your products "face-to-face," or have embraced the benefits of cold calling.

You must remember that your interaction with your prospects is a sales presentation and not a chat around the coffee table with your buddies. The purpose of cold calling, your webinar presentation or online demo is to sell and make you money! And as sales is a process not an event, your process - your sales presentation - should be carefully planned, constructed, practiced, and delivered. Use a sales script because:

  • It makes your message consistent.
  • The results can be measured and the script improved.
  • It systematizes your business.
  • You can make a strong first impression (without blundering for something to say).
  • Prepares you for any prospect objections, questions, etc. without getting you off track.
  • One word of warning: Many times people who use sales scripts sound robotic and unnatural.

You can still read a script, be real and not sound like a BOZO! Use selling points as well. And when you do both you will see an incredible increase in your sales!

If you need help in securing more business, let us do it for you. Give us a call:

Gilbert Pagan

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