We give back a small portion of what we recieve

Trying to live a balanced life is often difficult. With running an outbound telemarketing services firm, managing a family, and serving in the church, time becomes a precious commodity. In the middle of all this, there are people  I encounter that have needs. It is very easy to continue moving at 90 miles an hour and ignore those around you that have needs. I have been guilty of this. But I have learned that we need to slow down a bit, and try to balance out our lives to give time to all those things that are important to us.

Take a look at this interesting article about easy ways to give back to your community: 13 Easy Ways to Give Back!

Helping those in need has been and continues to be a passion of mine. And I have learned to integrate what I do through-out the week with my passion for helping people. Here is an article of some of the things we do to help others. I would hope that you would also be inspired to help someone that needs assistance.

If you would like to talk to us about our community work, or our lead generation, appointment setting services, and outbound telemarketing services. Give me a call. 919-783-4182.

Gilbert Pagan
Lease a Sales Rep

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