What Customers hate about sales people

lead generationHere is what customers hate about sales people and their lead generation tactics.

  1. Some don’t listen; they barf out all of their services and products and talk for 20 minutes before allowing you to say something.
  2. Talking too much even after they have shared what they offer, and they still dominate the conversation.
  3. Some lack the knowledge about your business.
  4. Some lack good follow-up skills. I could write a book on that and how it kills lead generation.
  5. Some fail to understand the needs of their prospects. Trying to fit their product into the prospects pain. It may not be the right fit. Move on dude.
  6. Refusal to take no for an answer. Overcoming objections and going point by point with prospects is O.K. But after that, if there is no interest, move on.
  7. The sales rep is not smart with their lead generation tactics. I mean, they don’t have good business sense in general, only product knowledge.

Folks, we have been around a long time and seen it all. Our contract sales force has been trained to make sure we do things the right way to make you money. We want to make sure your company gets back into the black ink as soon as possible. When everyone is making money, everyone is happy and things are good. Call us today to learn more.

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