What is wrong with sales people?

b2b appointment settingAt our b2b appointment setting company one day, we were having a team meeting. Present were some of our managers and sales reps. In our meeting, we somehow got to discussing sales people working for vendors that wanted to sell into our organization.

The discussion centered around how some vendors contacted us and wanted to sell us some products or services that may be a “good fit” for our organization. They connected with us through e-mail or by phone.   In some instances, we were interested in what they had to offer, so we agreed to talk by phone, or had an e-mail discussion, or a meeting was arranged in one of our offices.

What transpired afterwards is what confused us and led to a 30 minute un-programmed discussion about follow-up.

In 4 instances, shared in this sales meeting, 4 different sales reps, representing 4 different organizations had a product/service that we wanted to learn more about, purchase, or use for our clients; none of them followed up.

All of the vendor sales reps were told to provide us with a quote, or to look at a solution that would meet our needs. We are still waiting. Although our meeting was last week, the conversations with the vendor reps happened weeks ago. We appreciate sales reps time, and we are very quick to tell them we are not interested, when we are truly not interested. We know the sales business.

By the way, 2 of our managers and 1 sales rep followed up with the vendors, and we are still waiting for a response.

These vendor reps need serious follow-up training. We were interested & engaged at the time. We have now started looking at similar vendors to see what happens next. We had all the intentions of making purchases, given we liked what we saw and heard.

When you hear that sales reps are not closing deals, and they are whining, you need to dig deeper and ask why. It may not be the prospect’s fault, but your sales rep may be the cause.

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