You can’t be shy when delivering telemarketing services.

One of the hardest tasks facing a sales manager is to get their sales team to make telephone prospecting calls and cold-calls in the field. Nothing is more important to their sales success, either. Where else can they get a steady flow of sales leads? Most sales people are pretty good at making a presentation when the prospect’s door is open, but getting it open in the first place is the tough part. That’s why we built a good portion of our outsourced sales practice around telemarketing services and solutions.

telemarketing servicesWith the current business and financial crisis facing most all companies, lead generation is even more important to make sales teams more effective. Providing them with open doors to pre-qualified prospects could be the answer to sagging sales. This is what a lead generation company does best, getting past the “gatekeepers” and opening those doors for sales people. A sales team may be the professionals at pitching products, but a lead generation company are professionals at providing the leads that can keep that sales team in front of prospective customers, making them much more effective.

Sales Managers know that one of the basic tenets of selling is to spend as much time in front of customers as humanly possible. That’s where our telemarketing services come into play. We do the leg work to get YOU in front of clients. Imagine how effective a sales team can be if the burden of operating a telemarketing services division is lifted from their shoulders. Imagine, too, how many more calls they can make in their business day, if their primary task is keeping their appointments with qualified prospects. The salesperson’s nightmare, telephone cold calling, can become a salesperson’s dream when the lead generation company make the initial business contact.

Lease A Sales Rep is a premier telemarketing services provider, but Lease A Sales Rep is more than just a telesales boiler-room. Our team can schedule the sales call appointments, distribute trade show invitations and do the database profiling, cleansing and maintenance. Lease A Sales Rep can handle inbound traffic as well, such as Customer Service and order taking. We can be your complete business-to-business connection.

We also understand the needs of specialized industries: IT and Software, Commercial Cleaning, Construction, Consumer Services, Financial Services and Tax and Accounting.

With Lease A Sales Rep as your business partner, you can ensure the effectiveness of your sales team.

If you need help, or would just like to talk to someone about your needs, give us a call @ 919-783-4182.

Gilbert Pagan
Lease a Sales Rep