What We Won’t Sell and Why

contract sales forceAs a sales organization, we can share many stories of services and products that companies want us to represent. Some quite funny actually. Like the company that wanted us to sell a pouch that connects to a bong so you can carry your “bong” and "lighter" in the same pouch always ready to be used. He sounded like he was using his own supply. I have hundreds of others.

You can also probably imagine, if you have a creative mind, some of the types of services/products where have gotten calls or emails to sell. Fascinating ideas. Some way out there.

Our contract sales force has turned away a lot of “potential” clients because what they were selling; whether it’s a product or service, were contrary to our company belief systems and moral values.

Sure, I know it’s in “fashion” now or “hot” or “current” or “progressive” to agree to everything that everyone wants to do, or sell. It’s a free country. Exactly, we choose to exercise our rights not to sell every product or service imaginable.

We have decided at a corporate level and that decision permeates our organization from management to field sales reps not to engage in selling products or services that in our opinion do not support a healthy society, strong families and good values. Don’t even bring them in for a discussion.

Of course, we recognize the rights of individuals and other companies to develop and sell products and services that they believe will provide for themselves, their families and meet a public need. That's capitalism and entrepreneurship at it best. We have no issues there. Those are personal and corporate decisions.

We have chosen not to represent companies that sell:

  1. Alcohol or tobacco (or any software, advertising or websites that want to sell more of it)
  2. Adult Services (you should know what this means)
  3. Online advertising (SEO, Internet Marketing, email platforms) that support any industry/products/services that we would not represent
  4. Violent Video games
  5. Pornography
  6. Drug paraphernalia
  7. Any legal product that is being used to give the user a euphoric effect (products like Spice a pot substitute, now banned).

We have stood our ground since we started our company and will continue to do so. We have had many heated discussion with companies, some very large, that wanted us to represent them. They have thrown a lot of money our way to try and convince us. But we have declined because it would go against a core belief system of being a blessing to those who interact with us (client or prospect) while leaving a positive mark on society. Are we perfect, No Way! But we strive for it. Pushing toward the goal.

Many companies have asked us why we would not sell their service or product and we normally respond that we’re not interested. Some have pushed and really wanted to know the reason, given they would pay us what we wanted. So we told them why. They did not like the answer, but we gained their respect.

A Contract Sales Force With Ethics and Morals

This is how we operate. This is how our contract sales force operates. Stand for what you believe in, be cordial and respectful to others with differing views. Let them do what they want to do, but we do not have to agree. Be firm in your corporate and personal belief systems.

Gil Pagan
Founder & CEO
Lease A Sales Rep

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