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Lead Generation It is helpful for a sales person to have a template for a follow-up sales email. Basically, this is an email with information already filled in where you simply change a few details and then it is fast and easy to shoot out the email when needed.

Particularly, this is helpful for a sales person which might be cold calling and sales prospecting because one of the most common objections are prospects that ask you to just send them information. You should try to get around this objection first, but in some cases the only next available step is to send an email to the prospect. If you're composing emails each time you need one, you'll be spending a lot of extra time which can be saved by creating email follow-up templates.

Simple Follow-up Sales Email Strategy

You can save valuable time by creating documents or templates with text outlined which can fit different sales follow-up scenarios. Depending on the type of business, the scenarios can vary, but a lot of prospects request basic company information, pricing information, product information as well as customer reference information.

These templates can be kept in a word document stored on your hard drive or if you have a customer relationship management system (CRM), you might have the ability to create templates in the system to easily and quickly be sent and documented by clicking a few buttons under the contact. Make sure to create a few different ones and give them easily recognizable names, like "Lead Generation" "Telemarketing Call Follow Up", etc.

Advanced Follow-up Sales Email Strategy

Creating a thread of emails which are tied together and sent out to a prospect at different times over a period of a few weeks is an advanced and effective approach. An example is when a prospect asks for information to be sent, an email will be sent that moment, with a second email a week later, and a third email a couple of weeks later.

This approach has strong benefits. First, using multiple emails gives you the ability to provide more information to the prospect by splitting everything up across multiple messages. With those messages being delivered at different times, the absorption of the amount of information can be greater. In addition, this improves your ability to get the prospect’s attention and response by contacting them multiple times.

An important requirement for the more advanced follow-up sales email approach is a CRM application to automate this process. A lot of systems give you the ability to set up the templates in a campaign with the email delivery being scheduled and automated. What is great about that is once you press send on the first email, you can pretty much forget about the prospect, but they'll continue receiving emails and often feel obligated to give a response by the third email.

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